Our Commitment to You During COVID-19

During this uncertain time, the leadership of Kepler & Wilde wanted to personally thank you for your commitment to our agency. We are taking the COVID-19 outbreak and current state of the market seriously and are committed to helping every single one of you wade through this storm.

Given the severity of this situation and current online climate, as your marketing resource, we would like to share our commitment to you and recommend the following communication activities for the health and perception of your business:

  • Our Commitment to You:
    We are committed to you and the health of your business, period. We are here to help pivot your marketing activities and make sure you are making the right decisions that will in no way compromise your brand’s perception or lead generation efforts. We are here to help you avoid stagnation and keep the conversation going. During our next stand-up, we would love to discuss how we can craft your future messaging and keep you on track to emerge from this unfortunate time a stable and thoughtful brand.
  • Campaign Activity:
    Major B2C & B2B brands are suspending all campaign activity and those that are not are starting to receive major backlash online for insensitive ads and selfishly promoting services during a time of crisis. For the next 4-6 weeks, we recommend suspending pure sales or promotional product online activity. Instead, keep people engaged with virtual events that promote a more altruistic nature and evoke a sense of community. Keep lead generation or sales activities on a virtual one-to-one basis. Communicate that you are here to keep everyone’s business healthy, not just your own. And don’t forget to work with your partners on virtual events that bring everyone together.
  • Virtual Meetings:
    We feel it is our social responsibility to move all future Kepler & Wilde meetings online. If we have an in-person meeting scheduled with you, we will reach out to move it to a virtual location. If you prefer Go-to-meetings or Uber Conference over Teams, just let us know! We are happy to oblige to whatever format you need to be the most productive.

Lastly, thank you again for your continued support and know that no matter what we will get through this together and come out the other side stronger than ever before.

Stay safe, wash your hands, practice social distancing, and know we are here to help!

Warm regards,

Christy Harner & Tara Fusco