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Our Mission

To create environments where holistic strategy and sustainable collaboration meet cutting-edge creativity and demand-driven experiences.

Our Vision

To bring brands closer to their customers by challenging the status quo and reinventing the agency model

Core Values

Create transformative ideas by questioning the status quo

Fanatical obsession to empowering leadership to make the right decisions

Continuous adaptation to customer demand

Driving progress through social consciousness and cultural diversity

Redefining the brand experience

Our Story

Together, over 25 years of helping companies achieve more.

Kepler and Wilde was founded with one purpose: to improve the human experience by connecting the individual to the idea. We believe the extraordinary is found at the edge and is driven by an agile strategy and calculated risks. The founders understood sales and marketing are symbiotic and a lean model that focuses on empowering customers and community is something they wanted to create.

Christy Harner

CEO & Co-founder

Christy is a passionate brand developer and marketing strategist who helps companies innovate, establish their brands, partner strategically, and market successfully. Over the past 15 years, she has helped to raise capital, develop products, and build marketing strategies for dozens of innovative companies around the world. Her specialty is B2B marketing and sales alignment, with an emphasis on creative strategy and channel partner relationships. In 2019, she helped launch the new Innovate Charlotte startup mentorship program, and she is currently on the board of Aspire Community Capital. Christy is also completing her MBA at Queens University of Charlotte in 2020.


Tara Fusco

CMO & Co-founder

With over 10 years of B2B marketing strategy and implementation experience, Tara has led growth-driven marketing teams for consulting firms, software companies, and, more recently, billion-dollar global enterprises. From her in-depth knowledge of the technology sector to her diverse industry experience, Tara’s campaigns have empowered companies to achieve triple-digit growth and headlines in Forbes and the Wall Street Journal as well as multiple awards including coveted CES recognition. Tara received her degree in Communications from Appalachian State University and is a guest lecturer on the topic of Big Data and New Media.


Our Namesakes

Where science and creativity meet.  

Like Johannes Kepler’s laws of planetary motion, we believe sales and marketing successfully ellipse each other when clear strategy and demand-driven methodology is not only preached, but diligently practiced. And like our own values, we believe that the creativity and social consciousness that permeated Oscar Wilde’s writings is captured in everything that we do for our customers and the freelancer community.

Empowering Freelancers & Full-Time Team Members Through a Lean Lens.

Agencies are successful when the creative is empowered! We believe in supporting freelancer communities by hiring local and working in shared spaces. From the founders to the graphic designers, our teams work at co-working spaces to keep our agency lean and collaboration at its peak.

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