You are tasked with developing a channel partnership program and execution plan, now what?

With scalable revenue and measureable ROI always top of mind, we realize you must look to partnerships to support the necessary and continuous touchpoints your customers need to engage, convert, and become champions of your brand. That is why Kepler & Wilde has officially deemed 2020 to be the year of channel partner.

This ebook will show you…

  • How to Choose a Channel Partner
  • How to Create a Shared Vision of Success
  • Which KPIs to Consider
  • How to Create the Content Your Partner Needs
  • How to Develop a Customized Sales & Marketing Toolbox


With clear objectives, team alignment, and the right toolbox, channel partnerships are a practical and profitable strategy that can lead to lower customer acquisition costs (CACs), increased lifetime value (LTV), and that elusive hockey-stick graph your investors keep itching to see.” – 2020: The Year of the Channel Partner