Explore the Edge of Marketing

In our inaugural post, it seemed appropriate to headline our tagline, strip it down to the bare bones, and say hello world this is Kepler & Wilde.  

What does this mean? This means, welcome to the edge. Some may describe it as cutting edge or bleeding-edge, but we at Kepler & Wilde focus on one thing, taking you to it, letting you look over, and empowering you to explore the possibilities of transforming the way you do, well — everything.  

The edge is different for every organization, but here are a few of our favorite scenarios. 

The classic B2B scenario. 

Most B2B organizations claim they are investing in the latest digital marketing channels and content, but only 27% of the leads marketing passes over the wall will be qualified.  

The Edge: Reevaluating lead qualification, the entire editorial calendar, and the infrastructure

[or lack thereof]

you have set up to align your sales and marketing teams. Think bringing an end to endless .csv email attachments, dirty data in Salesforce, improper use of marketing automation systems, sales sending assets with inconsistent branding, weekly meetings that provide little value to stakeholders, or worse KPIs that do not match organizational OKRs. 

The edge is disrupting one dysfunctional environment to build a self-sustaining sales and marketing ecosystem focused on qualified leads, more wins, and continuously increasing customer LTV.  

My marketing department is “data-driven”, but I can’t calculate ROI on SEO.  

You might want to brace yourself; you are about to get a taste of what Kepler & Wilde will be known for, the uncensored, unabashed truth. NEWSFLASH: for you data-driven is simply a buzzword, you’ve built a smoke-screen of 1’s and 0’s so you can buy time to figure out what you’re doing or hire the people that can. We believe you, you have A LOT of data, so much of it that it’s overwhelming and you don’t know what to do with it or what to pay attention to.  

It’s okay, believe me, you are not the only one. Did you know, 42% of B2B marketing executives say that can calculate the ROI of their marketing spend only some of the time, or not at all.  

The edge: Revaluating your resources, auditing your marketing spend, and investing in the technologies that can help you work smarter. Ask yourself this: Do you have the in-house resources and tools you need to analyze the data you have. Do you know which channels are providing the lowest CPL? How are you notified of anomalies that could be marketing gold? That geofencing campaign you’re running, are those hits converting? 

The edge is investing in the infrastructure you need to reduce waste and uncover untapped ROI.  

I want my company to have the essence of Apple and have zero money to spend on branding.  

Champagne taste on a beer budget. Start-ups you are not the only ones that fall into this well-known trap, corporations do it ALL. THE. TIME.  

Also, if you want to be like Apple, we hate to tell you – so does everyone else. Yes, you too can have a clean, minimalist style, but take it from our co-founder with 15 years of design experience – there’s so much more.  

As we approach the edge of brand development, consider this: 

Start-ups we are talking to you: Have you proven product-market fit? Do you have a raw customer journey? Have you thought about your brand story, your purpose, mission, vision, core positioning? Is your brand ready to play in the big leagues?  

The edge isn’t about the money, it’s about a state of mind. If you are ready to invest in your brand, don’t hire someone to design your logo, hire a team to tell your story.  

Okay, companies making at least a million in revenue, here’s your stern talking to: If you’re questioning the look and feel of your brand, if you are finding inconsistencies in your social media images, pitch decks, or UI  then it’s time to STEP UP YOUR GAME. This goes for B2B and B2C.  

60% of millennial consumers expect a consistent brand across all channels. Millennials are now more than 25% of the population. They are purchasing BI software for your marketing department, and they make up 30% of retail sales.  

The edge is your brand’s identity. If your brand is not emotionally connecting to the needs of your audience, then someone else is. Don’t get left behind, make the investment in an authentic, consistent, and relevant brand.  

Keep going, don’t mind if we do… 

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